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How does Acupuncture work?
What can Acupuncture treat?
What happens during an Acupuncture treatment?
How many treatments are needed?
Self help

Acupuncture originated in China over 2000 years ago and is a healing system that has been used and developed since then in many parts of the world. It is currently used in hospitals throughout China and is practised alongside Western medicine, both contributing equally to the provision of health care. The effectiveness of acupuncture has been recognised by the World
Health Organisation
for its success in the treatment of over 40 different diseases.

How does Acupuncture work?

Fundamental to Chinese Medicine is the concept of Qi, (Chi), something that has no Western equivalent but can be defined as vital energy or life force. The quality and amount of Qi determines ones health and vitality. It provides the source of movement in the body, keeps the blood circulating, fights disease and warms the body. Qi is distributed around the body through a network
of interconnecting channels which go deep to the organs and pass through different levels to just below the skin where it can be contacted with acupuncture needles.


In the body Qi is dispersed through twelve main interconnecting pathways. Illness occurs primarily when there is an excess, deficiency or stagnation of Qi either within a specific organ or channel. For example, a strained back may be due to blocked Qi in the Bladder channel which runs down either side of the spine. Similarly if the balance of Qi in the Stomach organ is disturbed either of the following may occur: vomiting will result if there is an excess of Qi, while deficiency of Qi over a long time may predispose to a stomach ulcer.

The aim of acupuncture is to correct imbalances of Qi through the insertion of needles into specific points along the channels and so assist the body’s own recuperative


What can Acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture is effective in treating most ailments presented at a GP’s surgery. It is especially valuable in chronic diseases that orthodox medicine can only alleviate with drugs. For example, asthma, hay fever, sinusitis; hypertension; depression; painful conditions anywhere in the body such as headache, migraine, arthritis, back pain; stiffness of joints or muscles.

Many acute complaints can be treated including strains and sprains, shingles, cystitis, menstrual disorders, diarrhea and vomiting, cough, colds and sore throats.

Acupuncture also recognises and treats many disharmonies that have no medical diagnosis, a non specific ‘not quite right’ feeling characterized by any of the following: tiredness, lethargy, vague aches and pains, digestive problems, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, tension, palpitations or dizziness.

People with addictions to smoking, drugs or alcohol may be helped by acupuncture to reduce their dependencies.

In addition to the above many other disorders have been treated with success and it is always worth enquiring about any particular problem you might have. Please go to our Services page for more information.


What happens during an Acupuncture treatment?

In order to make a diagnosis and plan treatments your practitioner will need to take a detailed case history, asking about present and past health problems, lifestyle, and general health. You may discuss anything that you feel has an effect on your health. In Chinese Medicine it is helpful to have as much information as possible to give a picture of the disharmony.

pulse diagnosis

pulse diagnosis

Careful examination of the pulse and tongue are also made. The rhythm and quality of the pulse is felt at the wrist which indicates the balance of energy and state of disease. The tongue, through its shape, colour, movement and coating indicates progression and degree of illness.

According to the diagnosis very fine needles are inserted into the acupuncture points. The initial sensation is often described as ‘tingling’, ‘slightly heavy’, ‘dull’, or ‘numb’. The needles are usually left in place for about twenty minutes, and the whole treatment last about an hour. (Stainless steel disposable needles are used).

After the treatment a feeling of relaxation or well-being is often noticed. It is not advisable to rush around doing anything too strenuous. After treatment sometimes tiredness may be felt for a couple of days afterwards while the energy adjusts. There may be an immediate improvement in the condition or sometimes an aggravation occurs before symptoms are alleviated. Usually a gradual improvement is noticed over a series of treatments.


How many treatments are needed?

Since acupuncture treats people not diseases the number of treatments necessary depends on a whole host of factors relating to the specific individual. For example, the duration of the illness, general state of energy, constitution, life style, are all taken into consideration. Generally speaking the more acute the disease the sooner it will respond, although there are instances where acupuncture has brought quick relief to many chronic problems.

The initial treatments will usually be once a week and their frequency will be decreased as the person progresses, to once a fortnight, once a month etc, until there is only a need for an occasional preventative check-up.


Self help

Vegitables & diet

As the cause of ill health can stem from our ways of living often some change in lifestyle may be needed to help the treatment to be effective. Your practitioner will help in giving an understanding of what may be contributing to illness in your particular circumstances.

The areas which influence health include: constitution, diet, exercise, type of work, relaxation, sleep, emotional states, weather conditions, drugs. etc.

There may be one or more of these aspects that needs special attention to prevent a recurrence of the particular disharmony.


Having been diagnosed with unexplained infertility I went for treatment with Daian. She made me feel at ease straight away and gave me support and advice alongside the weekly acupuncture sessions. Three months later I discovered I was pregnant (without any other interventions). We welcomed our baby into the world almost 11 months to the day after my first visit to Daian. I really believe it would not have been possible without her!I remain a regular client and I can’t recommend Daian highly enough.
Richard BishopRichard Bishop
11:31 24 Jan 21
Daian is an extremely talented and caring professional and I cannot say enough about how helpful and effective her treatments have been. I highly recommend a visit here if you are thinking about acupuncture. The atmosphere is peaceful and calming and Daian’s highly effective skills and treatment provides welcome relief from chronic pain in a calm in a restful environment.
Emma SchorEmma Schor
19:19 21 Aug 20
It was an incredible experience and I would like to call it “magic”! I had not been able to sleep well for several months, and my whole body felt hard when I lied in bed, especially the neck and shoulders. Daian found a little lump on the back of my neck at the consultation . 30 minutes of acupuncture after, I immediately felt my neck relaxed. I did it again two days later, and the lump just disappeared! I went to sleep easily for the first time in months! Thank you, Daian! Thank you, the wonderful Chinese medical treatment!!
Sally NuttallSally Nuttall
20:37 22 Dec 19
I have been going to Daian for treatment for many years now. She is a kind and compassionate lady who is also very accomplished in Acupuncture. I have suffered with severe Vertigo for many years, having had medication, exercises etc to no avail. Having treatment with Daian has completely changed my life - I very seldom have symptoms now, thanks to acupuncture but, if it flares up, a visit to the clinic soon settles it down again. My husband has also recently started to attend her clinic to have treatment for migraines and this, also, has been very successful. I would recommend Dr Daian Zou highly.
rachel powellrachel powell
21:55 07 Dec 19
Can highly suggest acupuncture especially with this wonderful lady (Daia) she is nothing but kind, compassionate & proffesional. Acupuncture has really helped me with my healthy problem, I'm so thrilled with the results. I really look forward 2 my acupuncture every week its so relaxing & Daia is such a wonderful lady. Don't suffer call Daia (SJ Hill Clinic) up & she can help you out she is amazing....highly reccomend to anyone. Can't thank you enough Daia you deserve 100 stars x x x x

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