Acupuncture and Skin Disorder

In many skin disorders, such as neurodermatitis, acne, herpes zoster, psoriasis, and eczema, acupuncture treatment is effective. According to traditional ideas, the skin is related to the lung and the large intestine, and skin disorders are therefore treated with points on these channels. Both excess- and deficiency-type conditions should be considered for needle stimulation. Principles of treatment:

– Points surrounding the disorder:

The diseased skin area should not be needled, especailly ulcerated regions

– Points on the lung channel because the skin is related to the lung

-. Sp.10 Xuehai because of its anti-allergic properties

-. Du 14 Dazhui and Sp.6 Sanjinjiao because of their anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing effects.

-. LI.11 Quchi as a homeostatic point and immune-enhancing properties

-. Lu.9 Taiyuan is the influential point for the vascular system and is needled in disturbances of blood supply

Besides needling, laser treatment has a major role in the therapy of skin disorders. The laser light can be used to  radiate skin lesions, for example in herpes simplex and in deficient wound healing. Local and specific distal acupuncture points are also radiated.

Acne Vulgaris

In the treatment of acne, acupuncture points in the affected area are selected, for example on the face and back. In addition, the specific distal points on those channels passing through the affected region are treated.

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