Doctors support acupuncture

BBC News 25 June, 2000,

Access to acupuncture for NHS patients should be widened, the British Medical Association (BMA) says.

The association is calling for nation-wide guidelines on use of the treatment following research which suggests it is successful in easing back and dental pain, migraine, nausea and vomiting.

It indicates a complete sea change in the way that the medical establishment views complementary therapies

Dr Richard Halvorsen

A survey of GPs showed 58% had arranged complementary or alternative therapies, including acupuncture for their patients.

The BMA has carried out a two year study of acupuncture and other complementary and alternative medicines and says they now need to be integrated into the NHS.

The government’s advisory body the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) should look at all alternative therapies next year, the BMA adds in a report.

Among other proposals in the report ‘Acupuncture: efficacy, safety and practice’ is a national register of all acupuncturists who are medically or non-medically qualified.

The BMA also wants to see regulatory procedures for acupuncturists strengthened and recommends better training for GPs in the benefits of the technique.

Though it found the chances of adverse effects and infection were low but physical injuries could be avoided by better training, particularly on the location and depth of major organs and sterilisation techniques.

Chinese or Western

Acupuncturists follow either the traditional Chinese approach or Western methods and there are a number of different practices and schools of instruction.

Among GPs surveyed, acupuncture was the most common form – others included osteopathy and homeopathy – and it was usually performed in GP surgeries, pain clinics or physiotherapy departments.

Just 5% of cases were referred on to a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

Of the GPs asked, 82% said they had “very little” or only “basic” knowledge of complementary medicine, but half wanted to learn.

We need to see more high quality research into the effectiveness of acupuncture

Dr Vivian Nathanson, BMA

The report said: “There is a need for greater consensus on the part of the government, Department of Health, NHS Executive, the medical profession, and acupuncture organisations to provide guidelines and agree how acupuncture and other complementary and alternative medicine services can be integrated into the UK healthcare system.”

Dr Vivian Nathanson, head of health policy at the BMA, said: “We need to see more high quality research into the effectiveness of acupuncture.

“We think NICE is well placed to consider acupuncture.”

Dr Richard Halvorsen, a GP who has practised acupuncture for 15 years, is press officer for the British Medical Acupuncture Society. He said the findings of the report and the survey of doctors was “remarkably positive”.

“It indicates a complete sea change in the way that the medical establishment views complementary therapies,” he said.

He would welcome NICE looking at the therapy as long as it did not treat it as being the same as a drug. “There are some patients who do not react to acupuncture and some do.”

Greater use of acupuncture would save the NHS millions of pounds each year, he said.

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Having been diagnosed with unexplained infertility I went for treatment with Daian. She made me feel at ease straight away and gave me support and advice alongside the weekly acupuncture sessions. Three months later I discovered I was pregnant (without any other interventions). We welcomed our baby into the world almost 11 months to the day after my first visit to Daian. I really believe it would not have been possible without her!I remain a regular client and I can’t recommend Daian highly enough.
Richard BishopRichard Bishop
11:31 24 Jan 21
Daian is an extremely talented and caring professional and I cannot say enough about how helpful and effective her treatments have been. I highly recommend a visit here if you are thinking about acupuncture. The atmosphere is peaceful and calming and Daian’s highly effective skills and treatment provides welcome relief from chronic pain in a calm in a restful environment.
Emma SchorEmma Schor
19:19 21 Aug 20
It was an incredible experience and I would like to call it “magic”! I had not been able to sleep well for several months, and my whole body felt hard when I lied in bed, especially the neck and shoulders. Daian found a little lump on the back of my neck at the consultation . 30 minutes of acupuncture after, I immediately felt my neck relaxed. I did it again two days later, and the lump just disappeared! I went to sleep easily for the first time in months! Thank you, Daian! Thank you, the wonderful Chinese medical treatment!!
Sally NuttallSally Nuttall
20:37 22 Dec 19
I have been going to Daian for treatment for many years now. She is a kind and compassionate lady who is also very accomplished in Acupuncture. I have suffered with severe Vertigo for many years, having had medication, exercises etc to no avail. Having treatment with Daian has completely changed my life - I very seldom have symptoms now, thanks to acupuncture but, if it flares up, a visit to the clinic soon settles it down again. My husband has also recently started to attend her clinic to have treatment for migraines and this, also, has been very successful. I would recommend Dr Daian Zou highly.
rachel powellrachel powell
21:55 07 Dec 19
Can highly suggest acupuncture especially with this wonderful lady (Daia) she is nothing but kind, compassionate & proffesional. Acupuncture has really helped me with my healthy problem, I'm so thrilled with the results. I really look forward 2 my acupuncture every week its so relaxing & Daia is such a wonderful lady. Don't suffer call Daia (SJ Hill Clinic) up & she can help you out she is amazing....highly reccomend to anyone. Can't thank you enough Daia you deserve 100 stars x x x x

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